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Dial2Do: the hits keep coming :-)

Oh, man. I’m not a big fan of slapping ourselves on the back, but I have to take my hat off to our Engineering Team.  Several months ago we began using the following picture in our standard presentation, to outline the “vision thing” for Dial2Do. It shows a nice lady driver, using a Bluetooth Headset, blissfully accessing a “world of services” through Dial2Do by just speaking while she’s driving. The idea was to convey the potential richness of internet services that could be compatible with Dial2Do and give a sense for where the service could go. 

At the time, we started using this, we just had email, SMS and reminders in place – the stuff in small writing at the centre of the circle. 

The Dial2Do World of Services!

Well, yesterday, another slew of new stuff went in to Dial2Do, and we’re now really beginning to deliver on the “vision”. The realware is beginning to match the slideware 🙂

I’m amazed at what our team has done in a very short amount of time, and vurrrry excitied about what they’re cooking up. More on that later.

Anyway, what have they done? I’m glad you asked 🙂 Well first off – we have new functionality in several categories.

New commands and services

New players in the Dial2Do World of Services

New players in the Dial2Do World of Services



  • Go on – ask me ANYTHING!  So now Mosio is available in Dial2Do. If you’re not familiar with the service, it’s very cool. You ask it a question, and the community on Mosio answer it. That’s it. So call Dial2Do, say Mosio and find out who did win the 100M final in the 1936 Berlin Olympics. 
  • Hear me one, hear me all! Hello? Hellotxt is a social aggregator. It lets you post to multiple social sites in one easy step. It supports a great range of social  networks, and provides access to your friends’ status messages across those networks. Cool. With Dial2Do and Hellotxt you can now post your status once via Hellotxt and have it appear automatically on all of your networks.
  • Twitter for Business? It’s Yammer! Now on Dial2Do – listen or post your Yams (is that what they’re called?) to Yammer, the Darling of the TC50 Awards a few months back. 
  • Hmm, now who will I charge that to? Xpenser is the online tool to track and manage your expenses from any device. Now you can just phone in your expenses by calling DIal2Do and saying “Xpenser”. 
  • Need to get organized? Now you can listen and post to your Toodledo task list. No excuses – just phone in your actions! 
  • And while you’re getting organized – make sure you don’t forget anything! PingMe – a lovely and simple service that let’s you set a date to receive a reminder by email or text to your phone
  • No sooner do you find one social aggregation service  when you find another one! Ping.fm is another aggregation service – posting only, AFAIK. With Dial2Do you can now post updates to multiple places via your Ping.fm account, in one call. Sweet.  
  • Even more blogging: : You can now also post to your Typepad or Livejournal accounts. 

Powered Up Reminders

Our own humble reminders have been a favourite of many Dial2Do users since inception – it’s one of our most used services. Well now they’ve got some some new cool features.

Your reminders now have little tick boxes. You can use these to mark them as complete and make them, eh, go away. Only if you’ve done them now, ok?


Reminders - tick to complete!

Reminders - tick to complete!

In addition, when you call Dial2Do you can now say “listen to reminders”, and you’ll hear yourself, speaking your own reminders! Nice. Navigate forward and back in “the usual way” by saying next, previous and so on.

You can even say “complete” to mark a given reminder complete (as in, you’re ticking it as done).

Finally, given that we’re talking about reminders, here’s a reminder about something – RSS feeds. That little symbol in the top right hand corner of all your activities is the RSS symbol. It means you can grab that information and show it somewhere else. Like where? Well, in your custom iGoogle home page for example, or in a widget, or maybe in your Netvibes page, like I do:


Dial2Do reminders - right in your customized home

Dial2Do reminders - right in your customized home


Powered-up email

Listening to email has also been pretty popular among the Dial2Do users. Now, you should find email moves along a little snappier and is a bit more “responsive”. Also – a few things we used to mis-pronounce have been sorted, although I’m sure we’re going to find some creative ways to pronounce certain things 🙂 And finally, you can now listen to a lot more email – should you so desire (the limit used to be 10 messages, now it’s eh, lots!). 

Here comes the science bit

And finally, if you’re still reading this, a small bit of techie-ness. We’re fans of OAuth here. So we’ve begun to add OAuth support throughout Dial2Do wherever we can. We’re not all done yet, but several of the services now have OAuth support enabled, including 30boxes, Yammer, Google Calendar, RTM and several of the contact imports. This means you won’t have to give Dial2Do your credentials for those services.

Kudos and devil-horns all around to the Engineering Team.