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Geekwire Tips (with hat-tip to Dial2do)

Nice set of tips about time wasting in Startups over at GeekWire. Includes the following hat-tip to Dial2Do:

But if you must continue driving, use tools like Dial2Do to at least capture the good ideas you’ll have that otherwise would be lost to the road.

We find many of our users working with Dial2Do in this way: using it as a one-button way to save thoughts, idea sand to-dos while driving. Especially with features like Evernote integration using Voice2Note, it makes never losing that killer idea a snap!


Dial2Do for super busy People!

Jabra, the world leader in innovative Bluetooth headsets and in-car speakerphones, announced yesterday its new consumer-friendly library of third-party hands-free applications for their headsets. Jabra is offering the best voice-enabled, entertainment, and music apps to enhance their customers’ experience.

We are absolutely thrilled that Dial2Do’s Hands-Free Assistant is among one of Jabra’s third-party apps. We are also featured in one of their promotional videos. Check out the one with the busy mom and 2 energetic kids (far left). The video is pretty cool and it demonstrates that your hands-free device plus Dial2Do’s Handsfree Assistant don’t have to be used only when you’re driving. This is a nice example where Dial2Do’s Handsfree Assistant is a great way to get things done and stay productive with the power of your voice.