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#mwc09 part 3

This is the last of three short posts covering some of our thoughts post-MWC09.


First off, let’s mention ONE-API and BONDI. I’m mentioning these together as these are part of the potential ying/yang Zen solution that I dreamed about in my post about Alan Quayle and Developer API fatigue. Exec summary: BONDI – common APIs for Mobile Web Apps; ONE-API – common network APIs for accessing cool’n’groovy operator functionality.

So ONE-API (not sure of the capitals are part of the brand or not) is a new initiative from the GSMA to offer a common set of Network APIs that could be supported across operators. When I first heard about this, I laughed. Yes, it was a hollow laugh. Why? Because the notion of operators collaborating on something a fundamental and useful as network APIs (say, to send SMS’s, or trigger a call) seems pure fantasy based on past form. We’ve had some initiatives along these lines before, and they didn’t really work. The vision thang, as per this diagram, will look familiar.

The promise is for common APIs for messaging, charging, etc. As I say – I had a “not again” reaction the first time I heard of this. However, from talking to people at the show, it seems things *may* be slightly different.

This initiative has come from the GSMA, as in, the operators themselves, and apparently, has significant and senior backing. I imagine it’s a reaction to the ongoing and relentless lunch-eating threat from “those Internet players” who continue to swallow or disrupt major chunks of the traditional Telco business. I don’t care why. If they’re serious about it, that would be good.

Of course, turning the high level willingness in to lower-level action and rollout is hard, but the feedback I picked up at the show was that this was going to receive pretty major attention and effort over the coming year to make it a reality. Apparently there are over ten operators on board. I wish them well. If you’re a developer and you’re interested, you can even try out some of the APIs here.

Next, BONDI. The focus of BONDi is device-side, in the browser, and specifically about providing APIs for mobile web (browser and widgets). It’s part of the Open Mobile Terminal Platform initiative, and has several elements, including a security policy, common APIs to access device capabilities from the browser, and also SDKs.

BONDI 1.jpg

BONDI has some good momentum in the telecom ecosystem, with support from handset makers and operators in many regions. It was also given a boost by LiMo a few weeks back. The approach they have taken makes it easy to get involved and also to get access to the latest versions of the specs. As BONDI progresses, one of the effects we may notice is that the line between web applications and native applications becomes increasingly blurred. Once a web application can access the GPS, Bluetooth, SMS, address book and other elements on the phone, many developers will choose to offer their applications as web-apps instead of download-and-install native apps. I was sceptical about this initiative when it began, but have been proven wrong in terms of both progress and potential to genuinely affect things within the next 12-24 months on volume handsets. Well worth a look.

Both ONE-API and BONDI were prominent at the WipJam event at MWC on Thursday. If you don’t know what WipJam is, you may have come across it as the DeveloperJam or DevJam at other MWCs or conferences. It’s organised by the Wireless Industry Partnership (hence WIP), and is a developer-event, for developers, largely by developers. It has a deliberately low-key and informal tone, designed to encourage anyone in the mobile development arena to join in and take part. This one was well-attended (I’d say maybe 75-100 people over the day) and was really good. It has a two-phase format: there’s an unconference in the morning, followed by a structured set of discussions, in small teams, around a flip chart, in the afternoon. They get great people for the unconference (in this case for example: Christopher David of Sony Ericsson, Nicholas Landrin of I-Source, Jason Lim of Microsoft, David Woods of Symbian Foundation, and James Parton of O2 Litmus).

There was a *lot* of good discussion at the unconference, much of it regarding App Stores, pricing, and of course Apple. I’d say thirty percent of all conversations mentioned the word “Apple”. It’s constantly entertaining how spooked the whole industry has been by the boy-wonder non-Telco player 🙂 As a sampler – check out this interview at the show with Strand. The comment stream makes for good reading too – my rant included 🙂
Anyway – at the WipJam I helped with the session on “Making Money”, and the first picture in this post is our “mind map” from our discussions (it was an *excellent* few sessions – and I’m going to create an annotated version for the WipWiki site). If you’re going to be at CTIA, then sign yourself up for the next one at CTIA Las Vegas, Thursday, April 2, 2009, 10am – 5pm, Rm N262, LV Convention Center.
Ok – a few last items and then I’ll shut up.
  • Android: I thought Android had a “low key” show; not much news; not many handsets. It was the dog that didn’t bark 🙂
  • Alan Quayle has a nice roundup of some of his thoughts from the show
  • The guys at Telco 2.0 have their own informative MWC roundup

Dial2Do and SouthWing announce revolutionary hands-free devices for drivers

Dial2Do and Global Bluetooth headset manufacturer SouthWing will announce the new SouthWing Voice Assistant service at the ShowStoppers Event at Mobile World Congress, Barcelona on Sunday evening.

Together with SouthWing’s patented Push4™ button, the SouthWing Assistant ushers in a new era of convenience, safety and productivity for drivers. Drivers just push a button on their headset or carkit and speak to send text messages, send and listen to emails, record reminders and more. Powered by Dial2Do’s Voice Platform, the service is a boost for anyone who wants to make best use of their time in the car, but stay safe and legal behind the wheel.


“This is a world first” says Bart Huisken, SouthWing Founder, “We’ve focused on making it totally simple for drivers to get things done and drive safely. With the SouthWing Assistant, you press a button and just talk to send emails, reminders and more. The combination of our patented Push4 button with Dial2Do’s voice platform makes it a “joined up” experience for the user, an industry first. The combination of a single button to press and a single price to pay for everything gives users simplicity and convenience in both service and pricing.”


Dial2Do will be demonstrating the service at the Mobile Monday Peer Awards Barcelona, where they have been shortlisted in the Early Stage Startup category. The MobileMonday Mobile Peer Awards Barcelona are among the most influential events in the mobile industry and, with over 1000 attendants, the point of reference in startup innovation during the Mobile World Congress. Dial2Do was nominated by peers in the Dublin Chapter of Mobile Monday.

Dial2Do will be in action all week at Mobile World Congress, and are exhibiting on the Enterprise Ireland Pavilion in Hall 1, Stand 1F17. Dial2Do will also be taking part in the Mobile Jam for Wireless Developers, now called WipJam on Thursday at MWC, and are helping chair the session on Making Money.

Official Press Release is attached below. 


Dial2Do at Mobile World Congress

The Dial2Do Team will be out in force at MWC 09. We’ll be on our stand on the Enterprise Ireland Pavilion all week (map below). Here’s a quick summary of what we’re up to:

  • Sunday : ShowStoppers Product Showcase Event for Journalists and PR People
  • Monday : Stand and MobleMonday Peer Awards
  • Tuesday : Stand and Enterprise Ireland reception – 5pm – 7pm (email us for invites)
  • Wednesday : Stand
  • Thursday : Stand and WipJam (Mobile Jam Event)

We’ll have some exciting partnership announcements at the show, so please stop by and say hello. We’re also available for party-duty if you need willing volunteers 🙂

See you there!


Mobile Jam : Barcelona

Once again, we plan to be helping out and taking part in the MobileJam event at Barcelona. If you don’t know what this event is about, here’s the exec summary: a day for developers, by developers. Focused on Mobile/Wireless.


That’s it!

We’ll be there all day, helping with some of the sessions and generally diving in. Note that in the morning you’ll get an update on BONDI and on the one-api initiative from GSMA – both important developments regarding APIs that may be relevant to you if you’re a developer. Subscribe to attend here. Full Agenda here.

I’ll be helping lead the session on Making Money. if you have a topic you’d like us to cover, or something for the agenda, just leave it in the comments or email me at sos “at” dial2do “dot” com.

See you there.