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Clarity reveals Fortissimo speakerphone for folks with mobility issues (Engadget)


Clarity reveals Fortissimo speakerphone for folks with mobility issues — Engadget.


Geekwire Tips (with hat-tip to Dial2do)

Nice set of tips about time wasting in Startups over at GeekWire. Includes the following hat-tip to Dial2Do:

But if you must continue driving, use tools like Dial2Do to at least capture the good ideas you’ll have that otherwise would be lost to the road.

We find many of our users working with Dial2Do in this way: using it as a one-button way to save thoughts, idea sand to-dos while driving. Especially with features like Evernote integration using Voice2Note, it makes never losing that killer idea a snap!

Plantronics launches Vocalyst

Today, cloud based voice services took another big step forward with the announcement by Plantronics of a new service called ‘Vocalyst’.   Vocalyst is a cloud based voice service that comes bundled with two new headsets (also announced today) in the Plantronics range.

First up is the  Savor M1100 which comes with a dedicated voice button – you just tap the button and say “call vocalyst” – and you’re through to the service.

Savor M1100

Likewise, the new Voyager PRO+, lets users invoke the service by just triple-tapping a button on the headset.

Voyager PRO+

Now instead of just making and taking calls, users of the Plantronics Savor M1100 and Voyager PRO+  can do several things “out of the box” with Vocalyst:

  • Send and listen to emails
  • Record and listen to reminders
  • Post messages to Twitter and listen to their Twitter streams
  • Update Evernote
  • Listen to the news, finance, sports and weather reports
  • An optional upgrade allows users to send text messages, use a range of 3rd party services and have their messages converted from voice to text.

Plantronics are offering Vocalyst Basic edition bundled free for one year with the Savor M100 and Voyager PRO+ in the US.  Both the Savor M1100 and the Voyager Pro+ will retail at $99.99 and will be available in October in the US.

Vocalyst works with any phone – users activate the 1 year included service at www.plantronics.com/vocalyst.

Plantronics Vocalyst

As an extra bonus to help combat distracted driving, Blackberry and Android users can download  apps that will read out text messages to you while you drive, and auto-respond with a custom message.

Vocalyst Smartphone App

The Plantronics Vocalyst service is powered by Dial2Do.

Full release here

Dial2Do wishes a Very Happy Christmas to all our Beta Users

By now you might have noticed that there’s been a few things happening this week at Dial2Do. We have spruced up our website, added new content and a shiny new video to explain how it works, and switched on our paid service. We also quietly made some improvements to the way Dial2Do works for you when you phone it.

And finally, we gave a Christmas Gift to all our Beta users who have helped get us to this point – one year’s free subscription to the new Dial2Do Pro service! We are extremely grateful for all the comments, feedback and suggestions from our Beta users over the last twelve months – so we’re keen to keep you all with us! Please keep up the feedback and critical comments – it helps us make a better service for everyone.

Here’s a quick summary of what we’ve been doing:

  • New Site, content and naming: Now with added colour and cars! 🙂 We’ll be promoting the service as the Handsfree Assistant for drivers in 2010 and beyond.  There’s a new area to help you learn more about Dial2Do before you try it. Complete with shiny new video!
  • Payments: Dial2Do now has a free service and a Pro Service. When you sign up for the free service, you get one month of the Pro service to let you get a feel for what it can do for you. At the end of the month, if you’re not convinced, you can stay with the free service, which lets you manage your reminders (one of our most popular services). The Pro service costs either $3.99 a month, or $39.99 for the year, and lets you use everything Dial2Do has to offer. Full details on the Free and Pro services here.
  • Conversational commands. You can now speak a little more naturally if you like when talking to Dial2Do. For example, to send a text, you used to do this:

You: “Text”

Dial2Do: “Text. Ok. Text who?”

You: “Aunt Marge”

Dial2Do: “OK. Ready to text Aunt Marge….”

Now you can just do this:

You: “Text Aunt Marge”

Dial2Do” “OK, ready to text Aunt Marge….”

Full details of the new style and some of the options here.

Finally – we’ll be at CES show in January in Las Vegas, Baby! We’ll be exhibiting in the Distracted Driving Zone. So – if you want to meet or chat to the Dial2Do Team at the event, please drop a line.

Dial2Do – new release

Howdy – and long time no see! We’ve been busy working to improve Dial2Do and last week we rolled out a pretty major release. Many of the new features we’ve put in are “partner-centric” and so won’t change the look and feel of the service too much for our end users. So there have been changes “front of house” and in the “backoffice” if you like 🙂

Front of House

We have improved some of the user interface and in particular the Listen to Email service. It works even better now on speakerphones and over hands-free car kits so if you use Dial2Do in the car, we think you’ll like the improvements!

Here’s the low-down on the basics:

  • We have added standard DTMFs for Email, Text, Reminder (see below for an example of how it works with email)
  • You can say “Main Menu” at any point to return to the main menu
  • Say “help” at main menu to get list of commands

We’ve improved “listen to email”. After you say “Listen to Email”, Dial2Do will read the date, sender and subject, then go on to read the body of the email. At any time, you can say “Next” to move to the next email, or “Options” to hear a list of commands

On the options menu, you can say the following (or, if you’re in a noisy environment, use the keys listed beside them):

  • “Next” (6) or “Previous” (4) to navigate (6 and 4 being the keys you press)
  • “Repeat” (5) to go back to the start of this email
  • “Reply” (2) to record a reply to the current email
  • “Block” (1) – this is a new command that tells Dial2Do you don’t want to hear emails from that sender again. This is useful for emails from mailing lists that are not fun to listen to over the phone.

For other information and helpful hints please visit our helpdesk portal here.

As always, we would love to get your feedback so please do not hesitate to contact us on help@dial2do.com or just say “suggestion” when you call Dial2Do and leave us a message 🙂


Well – since you’re curious if you’ve read this far. Here are some of the main things we’ve been building in the engine room:

  • We’ve done some OAuth work to ensure we can “play nice” with as broad a range of OAuth-supporting partners as possible. This will let us pull in a range of OAuth-powered services downstream. Look for these to appear in later releases.
  • Partner Portal and customisation: we’ve done a lot of work under the hood to support our new partners (coming on stream soon!). We can now create custom-branded partner sites “powered by Dial2Do” – partner selects the look and feel, their own logo and styling, the services they want and even the charging model they want to use. This is a key plank in our plans to enable our partners to get up and running quickly, and so self-service themselves post-launch.

powered by dial2do

  • Speed and efficiency: across some of the services, we’ve done behind-the-scenes work to make the service work smarter and more efficiently.

Dial2Do : multiple phone numbers, Corkboard, FireEagle, and more!

We quietly put out a new release of Dial2do last week, and so I’m overdue to fill you in on the new features. Some of the stuff we’ve done is “behind the scenes” work, paving the way for further partner activity (like our recent announcement about Southwing) and Dial2Do API work. More on that down the line.

Multiple Phone Numbers

Yesssss! 🙂 A feature I’ve personally been very keen to see, as I use different phone numbers from different places at different times, especially when travelling. Dial2Do now supports multiple phone numbers – so you can register up to three numbers that Dial2Do will recognise as you. One needs to be your primary or main number (which Dial2Do will use to set your country). Remember: caller id needs to be on in order for Dial2Do to know who’s calling. Now (for example), you could call Dial2Do from a home (land) phone as well as your mobile. Or, as I do, call it from a US mobile and a European mobile. Excellent.

New commands: CorkBoard and FireEagle

We’re delighted to welcome FireEagle and Corkboard to the Dial2Do “world of services”!


Fire Eagle (part of Yahoo) is a location “broker”. It does two things: 1) you can enable multiple applications and services to update Fire Eagle with your location and 2) you empower Fire Eagle to share that location, under rules you define, with other people or services. Sounds complicated? It’s not! it’s a great service for controlling how much information you wish to share about your location, and with whom. Now you can update your location in Fire Eagle by calling Dial2Do and saying where you are! Sweet.


As their tagline says : Corkboard helps you remember things. It’s an internet corkboard that you stick things in to that you need to remember. Now you can call Dial2Do and speak those things and they’ll pop right in to Corkboard. More details here.

Confirm before you send, and additional security

A popular request has been to be able to “confirm before sending” whatever you said on to Dial2Do. People sometimes want to rehearse what they want to say and “get it right” before it heads to Dial2Do-Land. Well, now you can do that. There’s a new setting in your settings page (settings is accessed via a link on the top right hand side when you’re logged in).  By default the new “confirm recordings” setting is disabled – just enable it to have Dial2Do check with you before sending anything.


In addition, we have a new security feature. You may now add an option to further protect your account using a PIN code. This works as follows: if enabled, when you call Dial2Do, you will be asked for your four digit PIN. You may speak it, or enter it using the phone keypad. On successful entry you can continue as normal.

Improved Email

We’re continually trying to improve the user experience of the services in Dial2Do. This release sees some changes to email, one of the most-used services in Dial2Do. We’ve tuned the “listen to email” experience, as follows: Dial2Do will now play a summary of each email for you, and offer the option to skip to the next email (say “next message”) or listen to it (“listen”). This gives a better “flow” if you’re trying to quickly get a feel for what’s in your in-box and only listen to the stuff you really care to hear in detail. very keen to hear your feedback on this one!

Richer Reminders

People just love reminders. Oh yes they do. And our users have had a lot of suggestions for how to enhance the reminder service to make it more useful. In this release you can now “tick off” your reminders as you listen to them – as in – mark them as “done” if they’re done. How? You just say “complete that” and Dial2Do will “tick” that reminder for you. Stay tuned for more goodies to come in reminders down the line.


Saying “help” in Dial2Do now lists your commands. You’re welcome! 🙂

Dial2Do and SouthWing announce revolutionary hands-free devices for drivers

Dial2Do and Global Bluetooth headset manufacturer SouthWing will announce the new SouthWing Voice Assistant service at the ShowStoppers Event at Mobile World Congress, Barcelona on Sunday evening.

Together with SouthWing’s patented Push4™ button, the SouthWing Assistant ushers in a new era of convenience, safety and productivity for drivers. Drivers just push a button on their headset or carkit and speak to send text messages, send and listen to emails, record reminders and more. Powered by Dial2Do’s Voice Platform, the service is a boost for anyone who wants to make best use of their time in the car, but stay safe and legal behind the wheel.


“This is a world first” says Bart Huisken, SouthWing Founder, “We’ve focused on making it totally simple for drivers to get things done and drive safely. With the SouthWing Assistant, you press a button and just talk to send emails, reminders and more. The combination of our patented Push4 button with Dial2Do’s voice platform makes it a “joined up” experience for the user, an industry first. The combination of a single button to press and a single price to pay for everything gives users simplicity and convenience in both service and pricing.”


Dial2Do will be demonstrating the service at the Mobile Monday Peer Awards Barcelona, where they have been shortlisted in the Early Stage Startup category. The MobileMonday Mobile Peer Awards Barcelona are among the most influential events in the mobile industry and, with over 1000 attendants, the point of reference in startup innovation during the Mobile World Congress. Dial2Do was nominated by peers in the Dublin Chapter of Mobile Monday.

Dial2Do will be in action all week at Mobile World Congress, and are exhibiting on the Enterprise Ireland Pavilion in Hall 1, Stand 1F17. Dial2Do will also be taking part in the Mobile Jam for Wireless Developers, now called WipJam on Thursday at MWC, and are helping chair the session on Making Money.

Official Press Release is attached below.