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Geekwire Tips (with hat-tip to Dial2do)

Nice set of tips about time wasting in Startups over at GeekWire. Includes the following hat-tip to Dial2Do:

But if you must continue driving, use tools like Dial2Do to at least capture the good ideas you’ll have that otherwise would be lost to the road.

We find many of our users working with Dial2Do in this way: using it as a one-button way to save thoughts, idea sand to-dos while driving. Especially with features like Evernote integration using Voice2Note, it makes never losing that killer idea a snap!


Voice2Note among TheNextWeb’s Top Ten Evernote Add-ons

TheNextWeb just published a handy list of top ten add-ons to make the “insanely useful” Evernote Service even more useful. And Voice2Note (powered by Dial2Do) is first one in the list:

Couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Full article here, and Voice2Note details here.

Sorry to see you go, Jott

We were surprised by the news this week that Jott was to close its service, effective from May 3rd. Dial2Do and Jott are often mentioned alongside each other as being “in the same space” (as the analysts like to say :-)), although both companies really focused on slightly different things. Jott concentrated on speech as a core UI for productivity tasks, while Dial2Do has focused on the Handsfree experience: making it as easy as possible to get what you want to get done, handsfree.

We’ve tracked Jott’s progress from startup through to acquisition two years ago by the “Big Gorilla” of the Speech Universe : Nuance. It looks like the plan is to focus their energies on their carrier channel, and end the consumer facing service.

So what’s a Jott user to do? Or should I say, 2DO ?? 🙂

Well – Dial2Do makes a great replacement for Jott. If you haven’t had a chance to try it out –  you can head straight to Dial2Do and get started for free! Many Jott folks were especially keen on reminders – which is included in the DialDo Basic plan for just $25 a year.

Jottsters might also choose to use Dial2Do bundled by one of our partners:

  • Voice2Note: if you’re one of the 5M+ Evernote Users – you can have your Evernote Voice Notes converted to text by Voice2Note
  • Jabra: You can get the Dial2Do Handsfree Assistant with any of the Jabra headsets from the Jabra App Store
  • JawBone : Add the Dial2Do Handsfree Assistant to your Jawbone Headset in the Jawbone MyTalk zone.
  • Plantronics: Buy a Plantronics headset and get Vocalyst free (powered by Dial2Do)! Reminders, email and much much more!
  • SuperTooth: Have just announced the SuperTooth Handsfree Assistant (powered by Dial2Do) – about to hit the stores soon – details here.
  • DriveNTalk: Offers Dial2Do Handfree Assistant bundled with their Car Kits

And of course – you can always go straight to Dial2Do and try the Handsfree Assistant. It works on any phone, it’s live in lots of countries worldwide, and it’s free to get started! Plus, our apps are available free on Blackberry and Android today. Try it now.

Plantronics launches Vocalyst

Today, cloud based voice services took another big step forward with the announcement by Plantronics of a new service called ‘Vocalyst’.   Vocalyst is a cloud based voice service that comes bundled with two new headsets (also announced today) in the Plantronics range.

First up is the  Savor M1100 which comes with a dedicated voice button – you just tap the button and say “call vocalyst” – and you’re through to the service.

Savor M1100

Likewise, the new Voyager PRO+, lets users invoke the service by just triple-tapping a button on the headset.

Voyager PRO+

Now instead of just making and taking calls, users of the Plantronics Savor M1100 and Voyager PRO+  can do several things “out of the box” with Vocalyst:

  • Send and listen to emails
  • Record and listen to reminders
  • Post messages to Twitter and listen to their Twitter streams
  • Update Evernote
  • Listen to the news, finance, sports and weather reports
  • An optional upgrade allows users to send text messages, use a range of 3rd party services and have their messages converted from voice to text.

Plantronics are offering Vocalyst Basic edition bundled free for one year with the Savor M100 and Voyager PRO+ in the US.  Both the Savor M1100 and the Voyager Pro+ will retail at $99.99 and will be available in October in the US.

Vocalyst works with any phone – users activate the 1 year included service at

Plantronics Vocalyst

As an extra bonus to help combat distracted driving, Blackberry and Android users can download  apps that will read out text messages to you while you drive, and auto-respond with a custom message.

Vocalyst Smartphone App

The Plantronics Vocalyst service is powered by Dial2Do.

Full release here

Voice2Note launches on the Evernote Trunk

At Dial2Do – we love Evernote. If you haven’t heard of it – it’s a beautiful and deceptively simple service to help you store stuff that you don’t want to forget. Ever. Pictures, notes, docs, business cards. Whatever. You send it to Evernote and they’ll store it securely for you and make it available to you anytime you want, on the web, on your phone, on your laptop. If you want to try it – go there now and sign up – it’s free!

We first met the Evernote Team in 2008 at a Mobilize Conference in San Francisco. We hatched plans back then for how we might collaborate to make it easier for Evernote users to take more advantage of audio and speech in the Evernote service. The Evernote team was working on a new API, “and more”. We started by working with their API to make it easy for Dial2Do users to create audio notes in the service.

Last week, Evernote formally launched their platform – the Evernote Trunk.  It lets Evernote users easily access partner services from within Evernote, and activate and add partner services to their account. From the end user perspective, it looks a little like an app store, with loads of cool value-add stuff that helps you get more out of your account.

From the partner perspective, it’s a great way to put our service in front of 3.7 million Evernote Users, who tend to be some of the more technically savvy and clued-in users out there! Evernote ceo Phil Libin (pictured here at the launch event) regularly shares killer data on his blog about Evernote’s conversion rates, usage metrics and more.

Together with Evernote, we created a new dedicated service that works with Evernote, and called it (drumroll please….) Voice2Note.

What is Voice2Note? It’s a value-add service for Evernote users that does two key things:

  • It finds audio notes in your account and converts them to text
  • It gives you a phone number so that you can create audionotes by dialling a number and speaking. This means that anytime you think of something that you would like to store securely in Evernote, you have yet another way of getting it in there: hit the Voice2Note number and speak.

That’s it! It takes 2 minutes to register and set it up if you already have an Evernote account. Once you’ve done that, you can get busy phoning in audionotes, and watch (as if by magic) as your existing and new audionotes are converted to text!

Like Evernote, Voice2Note is a Freemium offer. You can use the basic service for free (max of five audionotes converted to text per month), or else get a Pro account (unlimited audionote conversions, plus tagging) which costs $29.99 per year or $2.99 per month.

Try it now and tell us what you think. The initial feedback has been great. Thanks again to everyone at Evernote for being genuinely great partners to work with.

Drive’n’Talk : The new Klat7 powered by Dial2Do hits the stores

We announced a deal with DriveNTalk at CES in January, to put Dial2Do in to their innovative new handsfree car-kit : the Klat 7.

So let’s explain the name first: “Talk” spelled backwards is “Klat”, and this handsfree carkit understands what you say and talks back to you. Get it? See what we did there? 🙂

Anyway back to the main event. The Klat7 is an installed hands-free kit: you install it in the car like any regular new stereo / music unit, and it uses the car’s speakers to play the audio. It has all the fancy-pants stuff you expect and need of an up-to-the-minute car-kit, including noise suppression and echo-cancellation (translation: great quality sound for you and for the person on the other end of a call).

Plus! It comes with a super convenient remote control that you can put in your favourite spot in the car so that it’s a cinch to control volume, skip tracks, answer calls and more.

And last, but not least, it comes with three months free Dial2Do service “out of the box”.

After that, if you like it, it’s the regular price of $39.95 per year, or $3.99 per month. The units are now in production and for sale across the US. You can buy them online right now. They’re on special right now at $149.95 (normal retail $199.95). For wholesale interest – go here.

BlueTrek Concerto and Dial2Do : the video

Shiny new video with our BlueTrek partners to show the benefits of one-touch access to email, twitter, reminders and more while driving.

Barron’s coverage of our CES announcement here. Industry Standard here.