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Geekwire Tips (with hat-tip to Dial2do)

Nice set of tips about time wasting in Startups over at GeekWire. Includes the following hat-tip to Dial2Do:

But if you must continue driving, use tools like Dial2Do to at least capture the good ideas you’ll have that otherwise would be lost to the road.

We find many of our users working with Dial2Do in this way: using it as a one-button way to save thoughts, idea sand to-dos while driving. Especially with features like Evernote integration using Voice2Note, it makes never losing that killer idea a snap!


Dial2Do and the JawBone Icon : one touch access to the Dial2Do Handsfree Assistant!

Aliph, the people behind the Jawbone suite of Bluetooth Headsets, have just announced their new line of headsets: The Jawbone Icon. And we’re delighted to announce that Dial2Do is one of the launch partners for their new “Dial Apps” concept.  CNET has provided an in-depth review of the new line-up here.

Aliph has really gone to town on this new line-up of headsets, and has several innovations on board, which they have grouped under the name MyTalk. MyTalk lets you can customise core features of the Icon headset from the web at (live soon), including voice personalities, and a new range of Dial Apps – essentially one button access to some of your favourite services – including Dial2Do!

Users can log in to MyTalk and set Dial2Do as the default app to be called when the Talk button is held down. This provides one-touch access to the Dial2Do Handsfree Assistant from the JawBone – simple, convenient and safe – especially if you’re driving.

We’re delighted to be one of the Dial App launch partners for the JawBone Icon, and we look forward to bringing one-touch access to all your favourite services – email, text, twitter and more – to JawBone users everywhere in 2010 and beyond.

Late addition: in depth review from the Wall Street Journal here.

Dial2Do and SouthWing announce revolutionary hands-free devices for drivers

Dial2Do and Global Bluetooth headset manufacturer SouthWing will announce the new SouthWing Voice Assistant service at the ShowStoppers Event at Mobile World Congress, Barcelona on Sunday evening.

Together with SouthWing’s patented Push4™ button, the SouthWing Assistant ushers in a new era of convenience, safety and productivity for drivers. Drivers just push a button on their headset or carkit and speak to send text messages, send and listen to emails, record reminders and more. Powered by Dial2Do’s Voice Platform, the service is a boost for anyone who wants to make best use of their time in the car, but stay safe and legal behind the wheel.


“This is a world first” says Bart Huisken, SouthWing Founder, “We’ve focused on making it totally simple for drivers to get things done and drive safely. With the SouthWing Assistant, you press a button and just talk to send emails, reminders and more. The combination of our patented Push4 button with Dial2Do’s voice platform makes it a “joined up” experience for the user, an industry first. The combination of a single button to press and a single price to pay for everything gives users simplicity and convenience in both service and pricing.”


Dial2Do will be demonstrating the service at the Mobile Monday Peer Awards Barcelona, where they have been shortlisted in the Early Stage Startup category. The MobileMonday Mobile Peer Awards Barcelona are among the most influential events in the mobile industry and, with over 1000 attendants, the point of reference in startup innovation during the Mobile World Congress. Dial2Do was nominated by peers in the Dublin Chapter of Mobile Monday.

Dial2Do will be in action all week at Mobile World Congress, and are exhibiting on the Enterprise Ireland Pavilion in Hall 1, Stand 1F17. Dial2Do will also be taking part in the Mobile Jam for Wireless Developers, now called WipJam on Thursday at MWC, and are helping chair the session on Making Money.

Official Press Release is attached below. 


The Social Phone : It’s for You-Hoo (and your facebook friends)

TechRadar UK has a nice hands-on review of the INQ1 social phone that was launched yesterday in the UK. This is from Three (or Hutchison Three G), the people who brought you the SkypePhone. This phone continues the trend towards net-centric mobiles, and goes deeper with Facebook in particular. The contact list in the phone lets you see latest updates from Fb and other sites.

The new INQ1 phone from Three

The new INQ1 phone from Three

From the review:

We liked the social-networking layering within the phone a lot. A Lot. Being able to go to a contact and see their Facebook status complete with updated picture, and the same for Windows Messenger and Skype, was a really nice touch, and helped show how the handset was mixing the PC-only world of these sites with a proper mobile experience.

The phone will automatically add these contacts to the handset once you log in for the first time, and then you can choose to merge them all under one name for easy use.

We have one word for that: Nice! We look forward to getting our super-secret (ooops) Dial2Do client running on that puppy.

DevJam, Mobile 2.0 and Dial2Do next week @ CTIA


Next week the Dial2Do team will be in Las Vegas for CTIA 2008. We’re kicking off the week by taking part in the Mobile Jam Session, where we’ll be discussing everything to do with “Mobile 2.0”. If you’re in to anything to do with Mobile meets the Web2 ecosystem, then get yourself over there and pitch in. The Jam sessions are primarily for developers, are very relaxed and informal, and some great people turn up and participate. It’s free and you can sign up on the website.

We’ll be in LasVegas for the week, and we’ll be exhibiting our wares and showing off Dial2Do in action on our stand (The Ireland Pavilion) at Stand 627-G. If you’d like to meet up – drop us a line at help “at” dial2do “dot” com.

Stop by, say hello. We’ll give you a demo and maybe even buy you a coffee. If it’s later in the day we might even nab a beer 🙂