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Sorry to see you go, Jott

We were surprised by the news this week that Jott was to close its service, effective from May 3rd. Dial2Do and Jott are often mentioned alongside each other as being “in the same space” (as the analysts like to say :-)), although both companies really focused on slightly different things. Jott concentrated on speech as a core UI for productivity tasks, while Dial2Do has focused on the Handsfree experience: making it as easy as possible to get what you want to get done, handsfree.

We’ve tracked Jott’s progress from startup through to acquisition two years ago by the “Big Gorilla” of the Speech Universe : Nuance. It looks like the plan is to focus their energies on their carrier channel, and end the consumer facing service.

So what’s a Jott user to do? Or should I say, 2DO ?? 🙂

Well – Dial2Do makes a great replacement for Jott. If you haven’t had a chance to try it out –  you can head straight to Dial2Do and get started for free! Many Jott folks were especially keen on reminders – which is included in the DialDo Basic plan for just $25 a year.

Jottsters might also choose to use Dial2Do bundled by one of our partners:

  • Voice2Note: if you’re one of the 5M+ Evernote Users – you can have your Evernote Voice Notes converted to text by Voice2Note
  • Jabra: You can get the Dial2Do Handsfree Assistant with any of the Jabra headsets from the Jabra App Store
  • JawBone : Add the Dial2Do Handsfree Assistant to your Jawbone Headset in the Jawbone MyTalk zone.
  • Plantronics: Buy a Plantronics headset and get Vocalyst free (powered by Dial2Do)! Reminders, email and much much more!
  • SuperTooth: Have just announced the SuperTooth Handsfree Assistant (powered by Dial2Do) – about to hit the stores soon – details here.
  • DriveNTalk: Offers Dial2Do Handfree Assistant bundled with their Car Kits

And of course – you can always go straight to Dial2Do and try the Handsfree Assistant. It works on any phone, it’s live in lots of countries worldwide, and it’s free to get started! Plus, our apps are available free on Blackberry and Android today. Try it now.


Some funding coverage for Dial2Do

Two bits of Irish covering on the Dial2Do funding announcement, both with dodgy, but different, photos!:-)

Dial2Do raises funding for growth


We just announced that Dial2Do has closed a new funding round. We’re obviously thrilled to secure the new investment “in the teeth of a recession” as my friends like to say. The funds were raised from Powerscourt ITC BES and Enterprise Ireland.

The money is to help us saddle up and really take the show on the road (literally) in North America, where the market has a couple of characteristics that make it very receptive for Dial2Do.  In the US, people spend a lot of time in their cars every day, and they’re itching for a safe way to engage with and use their standard web and phone “stuff”, while driving. Distracted driving legislation is also rolling out across the US, State by State, to encourage safer driving.

Dial2Do helps people use their driving time productively and safely to send texts, listen to and send emails, create reminders, use Twitter, listen to their calendars, and so on. All while letting people keep their hands on the wheel – they just have to speak to the Dial2Do service using a hands-free car kit or Bluetooth Headset.

We’re partnering with the “hands-free” ecosystem – headset providers, car-kit makers, and others – to bundle Dial2Do with the physical product, so that consumers will be able to just walk in to a store and buy a “joined up” experience, where the voice service works in harmony with the hands-free hardware “out of the box”.

Anyway – we look forward to announcing some exciting deals in the coming months. 2010 promises to be quite a year for value-add voice services in general, and Dial2Do in particular.

Gotta back back to work 🙂

Jajah: On a roll

Congrats to Jajah on the deal with Yahoo (and indeed I think, to Yahoo for picking a player like this to handle their Messenger real-world calls).


Mashable seems to have some of the scoop here regarding what’s to be called the Jajah Managed Services Platform. This is very much in the “Headless Telco” model that follows on from what Jajah did with Jangl, and that we mentioned in the last post here. We’re going to pull together a little analysis of these players in this new web-services-enabled-telephony provider world. If you have suggestions we’d love to hear them. Thanks to Mashable for putting back on our radar – had missed that! Right now our list might be something like this

  • Jajah
  • Jaduka
  • Ribbit
  • IfByPhone
  • Voxeo
  • and of course, Google

All suggestions welcome. More on this later.