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Dial2Do Slides at ICIN 09


Dial2Do at ICIN 09 – Web Technologies for Telecom


We’re ignoring our Irish Bank Holiday next week and instead we’re giving a tutorial on Web Technologies for Telecom at the ICIN 09 conference in France. We’re in exalted company, both for our tutorial and the event in general. Our tutorial has:

  • Frédéric Sciscione, Broadsoft : Web2.0 technical elements and how they apply to Telecom
  • Roberto Minerva, Telecom Italia : Web2.0 services in operation and web2.0 delivery mechanisms
  • Me : Web Service Provider perspective on web2.0
  • Rebecca Copeland, Huawei : our MC for the day and  will also do the wrap-up

If you fancy a discussion about web-meets-telecom, or want to learn how we’ve launched Dial2Do in the US market to help drivers stay safe and handsfree-connected to their favourite web tools and services, then drop a line. The rest of the conference has a veritable who’s-who from the Telecom industry present.

Look forward to seeing you there.

Hands-Free information site….

Excellent background information on the distracted driving and hands-free legislation laws coming in to effect across the US. 2010 is sure going to be busy year for hands-free in North America!

Ontario goes hands-free! Dial2Do is there for you ….


Ontario goes hands-free from Monday as Bill 118 come in to effect. Luckily – they have a Dial2Do number to call so they can continue to get things done, like email, reminders twitter and more – all safely and hands-free.

See background here. Get Dial2Do here! Ticketing doesn’t start until next year – but you might as well get a hands-free kit and get used to getting more done safely while driving in advance 🙂

Dial2Do shortlisted for ITLG Event


It’s a busy week for Dial2Do being “shortlisted”  🙂

Dial2Do is one of twelve companies selected for the ITLG event taking place in Belfast this week.  If you’re going to be there drop us a line or tweet.

Dial2Do shortlisted for 2009 Mobile Excellence Awards!


Dial2Do has been shortlisted in the 2009 Mobile Excellence awards! We were shortlisted in the “international”category. Looks like a great lineup – we look forward to taking part.

Drop a line if you’re going to be there in December.