The Social Phone : It’s for You-Hoo (and your facebook friends)

TechRadar UK has a nice hands-on review of the INQ1 social phone that was launched yesterday in the UK. This is from Three (or Hutchison Three G), the people who brought you the SkypePhone. This phone continues the trend towards net-centric mobiles, and goes deeper with Facebook in particular. The contact list in the phone lets you see latest updates from Fb and other sites.

The new INQ1 phone from Three

The new INQ1 phone from Three

From the review:

We liked the social-networking layering within the phone a lot. A Lot. Being able to go to a contact and see their Facebook status complete with updated picture, and the same for Windows Messenger and Skype, was a really nice touch, and helped show how the handset was mixing the PC-only world of these sites with a proper mobile experience.

The phone will automatically add these contacts to the handset once you log in for the first time, and then you can choose to merge them all under one name for easy use.

We have one word for that: Nice! We look forward to getting our super-secret (ooops) Dial2Do client running on that puppy.


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