Dial2do and Skydeck : your phone knows your social graph

Your phone knows your graph!

Skydeck : Your phone knows your graph!

We came across a great company and service called Skydeck a while back. The service is one of those offerings that looks deceptively simple at first sight, and just gets better and better the more you think about it. So what do they do? Well, in a nutshell, you give Skydeck access to your online phone bill (US only right now), and they mine your bill data for you. What’s the use of that? Well, you can find out a lot of cool things by looking at your phone bill, especially in the US where receiver-pays means that there’s a nice symmetry to the bill. You can find out:

  • Who you call most often
  • Who calls you most often
  • Who you text most often
  • and so on

More subtly, you can go deeper in to this information and figure out a bunch of things about how you communicate with people and companies in your daily life. In effect, Skydeck uses the phone bill to extract your social graph. And we all know that one of our most important social networks is represented by the names we use most often in our phone’s address book. We just typically don’t have a handy list of who that really is. Skydeck figures out who matters most to you and then shares that with you. There’s all sorts of value-add can then be layered on that. More on that down the line.

In effect, Skydeck is another innovative approach to make the phone book social, but this time based on actual analysis of who you actually communicate with most often. And this is where Dial2Do comes in. When you start using Dial2Do, one of the things that really makes it useful for you is to have your contacts in the Dial2Do “cloud”. But which contacts should you import ? Well, Skydeck now has an API. Which means we can now offer to import your 100 most important contacts from Skydeck, as one of the contact import options for Dial2Do. It’s right there on the import page in Dial2Do.

Import your top 100 contacts from Skydeck

Import your top 100 contacts from Skydeck

If you’re not already a Skydeck user – take it for a spin and try it out. We’re delighted to be working with Skydeck, and pretty excited also about what they plan to do further down the line. More on that in a later post.


One response to “Dial2do and Skydeck : your phone knows your social graph

  1. I was of the impression is only worked 4 US phones.
    Are ye guys starting 2 push the boat on this?

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