To invite, say “invite”

We’re adding new stuff in to Dial2Do on a pretty regular basis. One of the little new features we added is invites. If you want to invite one of your contacts to join Dial2Do, then you can just call Dial2Do and say “invite”. It won’t surprise you to learn that the conversation will go something like this:

You: Invite

Dial2Do: Invite Who?

You: Sean O Sullivan

Dial2Do: Ok, invite sent to Sean O Sullivan

Dial2Do will then send an email to your contact, inviting them to join Dial2Do and saying nice things about them. 

We’re giving away a few small gifts for those who help spread the love. Some goodies from ThinkGeek, some nice vouchers and some Mopods to give away. So hit the phone and spread the word!

Oh, and “one more thing” – as Columbo or Steve Jobs might say.

If you are a regular user of Dial2Do, you might have imported quite a few of your contacts to the service. You’ll notice we’ve added new and improved import options to make it easier to pull your favourite contacts in there. If you ever need one of those contacts, and you don’t happen to have it on your phone, just call Dial2Do and say “Business Card”. You’ll be asked for the name of your contact, and then Dial2Do will send it straight to your phone as a vcard. Nice! 🙂

As ever – feedback welcome!


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