A singular conference: eComm 2009


The one the only!

The one the only!



We’ve been lucky enough to have presented and attended in full both eComm 2008, and ETel 2007. It was out of the ashes of ETel in 2007, that one person, Lee S Dryburgh, picked up the ball and ran with it until he had persuaded, cajoled, begged and literally borrowed his way to staging eComm 2008 at the Computer History Museum in the heart of the Valley.

If you’ve never been – then consider eComm 2009 now, and block out your calendar. Here are my personal top ten reasons to attend:

10     The people, The people, The people. Genuinely excellent people, speaking and in the room.

9       The topics: everything in the telecom spectrum – and more besides. Not product pitches. 

8       The ruthless time keeping. Watch as seasoned speakers are cut short and thrown off the stage!

7       The format that shouldn’t work. Lots of 15 min talks? Lightning talks of 5 mins? Breakfast together? Huh? Won’t work. Does. 

6       The innernet and the tellycom systems are being jammed together, one way or the other. eComm is one of the few conferences to try and consider all the implications.

5       Lee. A good reason to attend is to nab the ever-present Lee himself. Thoughtful and wise in the ways of telecom, and yet, a disruptor who’s not politically correct. You’ll smile. Of course, you might also nab Martin Geddes, James Enck, or a whole range of other luminaries around the event. 

4       Cool stuff. Last year Fonolo showed off their deep-dialling. Ribbit gave a lightening tour of their Ribbit platform and Amphibian (before BT bought them). 

3       The mix. Old style operators and carriers mingle with hell-bent-on-burning-it-all-down disruptors. May the best business model win!

2       The out of hours sessions. There may be beer, sushi and talk of telecom revolution. 

1       The chance to meet, present and hear feedback from one of the best collections of your industry peers you’re likely to find in 2009.

See you there. The Call for Speakers is now open.


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