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CTIA and Mobile Jam San Francisco

“On the road again”

We’re heading to San Francisco soon to partake in the conference that is CTIA. The “fall” CTIA always focuses on Entertainment (which gets the hype etc.) and Enterprise. It’s always a fascinating combination to jam together under the one roof. If you’re going to be around and fancy meeting – drop us a line. We’ll be giving some sneak previews of some of the new stuff we’ve been up to with Dial2Do.

Mobile Jam San Francisco 2008

Mobile Jam San Francisco 2008

And speaking of Jam, we’ll also be helping out by runnng a few sessions at the Mobile Jam Session on the last day of the show (Friday 12th). I believe it’s sold out – but if you’re interested, you may be able to find a slot. Check it out here.


Twitterfone: Listen, Reply and DM

So we’ve been busy little bees at Chateau Dial2Do, putting new features in the platform, and working on APIs and some such. More on that another day.

Anyhoo, one of the things we shipped out is some new features for Twitterfone. Now you can listen to your favourite tweets, and even reply, and DM on the fly. It’s easy. When you call Twitterfone now, you can Press 1 to listen. If you do this, the nice lady will start reading your last ten tweets to you. So far, so cool.

If you fancy replying to a tweet, press 2. If you’d prefer to DM, press 3. Once you do this, it’s the usual drill – speak your piece nice and clearly, and wait for the nice lady to tell you it’s done. Never mind reading my sad instructions though – much better to see it in action. Take it away Adrienne!


Mike Arrington has written it up on TechCrunch here.

Oh, and as Columbo would say, one more thing. If you wait for the lady after you tweet, she says nice things to you. Well, mostly nice things 🙂