Telco 2.0 Roadtrip: Telco 2.0 comes to Dublin!

Telco 2.0 Roadtrip

We’re delighted and excited to announce a first: Martin Geddes and Dr. Norman Lewis are coming to Dublin, to host a small, invite-only Telco 2.0 Event. It’s on Friday 30th May (yes, two weeks time) and there are only a few places left. If you’re interested in an opportunity to hear these world-class thinkers speak on the two-sided business models and digital natives, then email me (see below) and tell me why you should be there.

Sorry for the late notice – it’s all a bit experimental and was cooked up in “innernet time” 🙂


  • 8.15am : Registration and light breakfast
  • 9.00am : The changing telco business model – upstream revenues, telco as a platform
  • 9.45am : Future user needs (“customer of the future”)
  • 10.10am: Future retail & wholesale products and business models in voice & messaging
  • 10.45am: Q&A, and structured discussion with attendees based on their input beforehand
  • 11.15am: Coffee, networking, standing discussion
  • 12.00pm: Ends

Everyone who attends will need to submit a short profile (one paragraph) about themselves and/or their company, plus at least one question for our speakers, which they will use to stimulate the structured discussion at the end.

Email me at sos “at” dial2do “dot” com if interested.

If you’ve never seen the Telco 2.0 pitch, here’s Martin’s presentation from eComm this year


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