eComm Part 6: FireEagle

FireEagle presented at eComm a few weeks back. I like this service. I saw an initial pitch about it at the FOWA event in London last year, and have followed it since then. It’s quite simple, at a high level: decouple your location from (say) a device or some web site or web service that knows where you are, and offer your location instead to FireEagle. FireEagle is itself a web service with an API (as opposed to trying to be a destination website). It sits there on the internet and does two main things that you can control in some detail:

  1. How and from where Fireagle might regularly acquire your location
  2. How, when and to whom FireEagle might share your location

That’s it in a nutshell. Turns out this can have many potential practical uses, and be quite powerful. To see it in their own words – take a look at the presentation (key slides for an exec summary are 20 and 21). We have some interesting thoughts about how to use this with Dial2Do.


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